First Week of Teaching Tips

First Week tips for all Teachers Some of you may be returning to the same class you had in the previous term, but many are starting a long-term supply teaching job shortly. The first week of teaching can be nerve-racking at any point in the year, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you have a […]

How to Write a Successful Teaching CV

Simple steps to write your teaching CV Want to go into the teaching profession as a full-time occupation? Then it is imperative to compile a CV that outlines your experience and clearly highlights your skills. A strong CV and teaching interview preparation are the two main things you need to succeed. Employers and teaching based […]

Teaching World War One

World War One ideas for primary and secondary school teachers. Today marks the 100th anniversary of a pivotal moment in recent British history – the day of the first German attack of World War One on the British mainland. There will be more key WWI anniversaries over the next 4 years, and teachers of all […]

Christmas in the Classroom

Tips for bringing Winter festivals and Christmas in the classroom. London is the most multicultural city in the UK, and our schools are lucky to have such a wide range of religious and cultural holidays to experience outside and inside the classroom. From utilising Christmas, Hanukah, New Year and other winter celebrations to reinforce skills […]

Phonics for Key Stage 1

Our Phonics teaching tips for the 2014 Curriculum We recently hosted a Phonics session for our teachers at World Class Teacher’s HQ, with the aim of introducing our supply teachers to a teaching method that has seen growing popularity. There have been many changes in teaching phonics for the British curriculum in 2014, so we […]

Teaching Ideas for the New Term

The new term is just around the corner, to bring you out of your summer lull. If you are starting in a new school, or have a supply teaching role lined up, you may well be feeling a bit nervous. Here are some of our preparation and teaching ideas to get you ready for the […]

Our Favourite Education Quotations

World Class Teachers are now on Pinterest! We’ve recently opened a Pinterest account and seen lots of inspirational teachers out there. Pinterest is a great (and free!) way for you to collect and save your favourite images from around the web. There are so many great teaching and education accounts on Pinterest, and we want […]

How To Prepare For A Teaching Interview

Our Guide to a Teaching Interview Preparing for any kind of job interview is daunting, especially if it’s a job you are passionate about and a role that you have been chasing for months – or even years. Interviews for teaching jobs can be particularly challenging, and ensuring you are properly prepared for them is […]

Improve your chances of getting that first teaching job

Ways to get that First Teaching Job A summary of key strategies to help to secure a first post in teaching It’s nearly over: you’re within touching distance of completing your teacher training and you’re keen to snap up that critical first teaching post that will cement your role as an educational professional with a […]

The Future of Education: The Digital Takeover

Digital Takeover in the Classroom The landscape of the classroom changes very quickly in the modern age, fuelled by innovation and technology. Significant leaps have been made from the abacus to the calculator, the notepad to the iPad – making teaching one of the most rewarding and exciting modern careers to embark upon. Electronic learning […]