Top Ten Teaching Blogs to Follow

Whether you’re a NQT or seasoned teacher,  we’ve compiled some of the most inspirational and influential must-follow education blogs. Offering insight and experience, you’re sure to learn a thing or two from these teaching professionals.

te@cher Toolkit talks to WCT about #SupplyTeaching

The UK’s most followed teacher on Twitter talks to World Class Teachers  I had the pleasure of talking with Ross McGill from the infamous @TeacherToolkit about all things Supply Teaching. With a following of 102, 081 (at last check) Ross McGill is fast becoming a leading authority on teaching. However, despite the vast reach of […]

The Teaching Mind: Mental Skills needed to Teach

What Types of Mental Skills does it take to Teach? Teaching is a vocation; a privilege and a responsibility.  The ability to impart knowledge while inspiring curiosity is one to be revered. So what are the mental skills required to teach? What attributes do successful teachers have that make them so invaluable? We’ve come up with a list of our most […]

Tips for teaching a modern foreign language

Teaching Foreign Language Tips Whether you are a MFL teacher in a London school or a tutor helping students with their language studies, you have seen first-hand how some pupils get discouraged from learning a new language. World Class Teachers offer tips for teaching a foreign language to pupils who see MFL studies as a […]

Teaching Phonics

Are you a teacher in need of some phonics training? Our May Phonics Training Session Yesterday was another one of our world class Phonics Training Sessions with the lovely and talented Rebecca Cargill. Rebecca works with World Class Teachers to offer phonics tips and training to our supply teachers – whether they need to refresh […]

Our Top Teaching Blogs

Looking for more education and teaching blogs? At World Class Teachers, we do all we can to help our supply teachers not just get the job they’re best suited for, but to keep improving themselves and education. Aside from providing our own teaching resources, we have put together a list of world class teaching and […]

Public Speaking Tips for Teachers

Build up your confidence Public speaking is a big part of being a teacher – we speak to classrooms full of impressionable, tiny humans every day! From classroom lessons to parent teacher conferences to assemblies, you have to feel confident speaking to a crowd. That is why World Class Teachers offers some public speaking tips […]

Top London School Trips from A to Z

London school trip ideas from Ancient History to Zoology School trips in London give teachers a chance to visit some of the Capital’s finest museums as well as impart wisdom, especially if you are a teacher from overseas. Whether you want to take just your class to interact with history at the Greenwich Maritime Museum […]

Phonics Tips for Key Stage 2: Years 3-4 Edition

Are you a primary school supply teacher in need of some phonics tips? Following the changes in the National Curriculum for this year and the success of our last Phonics Tips session, we are holding another seminar today! Meet us at World Class Teacher HQ from 5:30 to 7pm for a session devoted to teaching […]