The Future of Education: The Digital Takeover

Digital Takeover in the Classroom The landscape of the classroom changes very quickly in the modern age, fuelled by innovation and technology. Significant leaps have been made from the abacus to the calculator, the notepad to the iPad – making teaching one of the most rewarding and exciting modern careers to embark upon. Electronic learning […]

How Interactive Technology Can Aid Learning in the Classroom

The last decade has witnessed an explosion in the availability and use of interactive technology in the classroom with a growing focus on embedding IT in teaching and learning. Only ten years ago interactive whiteboards, now commonplace in classrooms across the country, were in their infancy while iPads and e-book readers were unheard of. In […]

The Best Way to Use Technology in the Classroom

Teaching and Technology: The Digital Age of Teaching The last decade has seen a revolution in the use of new classroom technologies which has helped to overhaul teaching and learning in schools across the UK. It may come as a shock to those whose last school experience was as a pupil 20 or more years […]