Ways to Help Students Manage Stress

Healthy Ways to Relieve Stress

While teachers are responsible for the learning and educational future of our students, we are also part responsible for their wellbeing. Whether we spend an hour or a full day with our students day in and day out, teachers are the usually the first to be able to notice stress in students.

It is important to recognise the signs of stress in students – and how to help them manage it during school time. Take a look at some of the ways to help students manage stress in the classroom in a productive way.

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Stopping and Discussing Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying, unfortunately, is all around.

We all know cyberbullying is a terrible crime that affects not only celebrities and adults but UK children every day, especially when most children around the world have an online presence through multiple social media accounts.

On Monday, BBC News discussed cyberbullying and what schools can do to teach students about online abuse and its effects.

stopping cyberbullying

Effectively stopping cyberbullying in its many forms does not depend on one group; parents, other relatives, police, lawmakers, teachers, and other influencers that are role models for students, as well as other students, should actively try to help.

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NSPCC Online Survey – Teachers, We Need Your Help!

The NSPCC (the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) are conducting a policy and research project with the aim to improve the ways in which they can offer vital support to abused and neglected children.

As teachers, who work with children on a daily basis, you are the prime target audience to assist with this survey and so we would like to ask that as many of our World Class Teachers take part as possible. By offering your thoughts and ideas for this important cause, you could be helping to enhance the lives of children all over the UK.

The deadline for completion is Friday 30th May 2014, so please take a moment to respond and share with as many teachers as you can.

Details of the NSPCC Survey

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World Class First Aid Paediatric Courses

World Class First Aid runs regular Paediatric first aid courses.

Improve your earning capacity and achieve Ofsted approval!

18th May 2014 – Limited Places Available
8th June 2014 – Places Available
Call today to book your course and find out about further forthcoming dates!

Or we offer in-house training to schools, please call for further details.

Tel : 0208 280 8895

7 Reasons why you should take a Paediatric First Aid Course

Want to learn paediatric first aid?

If you work with young children or even if you have children of your own, it is important to take a paediatric first aid course. There are many benefits of learning first aid skills especially for teachers, parents, nannies and other child carers who work with children.

A paediatric course will give you the knowledge and confidence to deal with any emergency that might affect a child, especially as an Early Years Teacher.

Paediatric first aid skills are taught by professional trainers either in a 6 or 12 hour course which should be updated every three years. If you work with children it will often be a necessary requirement of the job to hold a paediatric certificate.

learn paediatric first aid

Flickr Creative Commons / Felix E. Guerrero

7 reasons why you should do the paediatric first aid course:

1. You can save lives in critical situations with a few simple techniques you will learn at the paediatric first aid course.

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