Top Tips to Ace Your Teaching Interview

Here at World Class Teachers, our teaching recruitment team are on hand with a plethora of resources, knowledge and expertise to help with every aspect of your teaching career.

If you have secured your next teaching job interview and want to ensure you do your absolute best, we have compiled a list of a few top tips to follow to make sure you are presenting yourself in the best way possible, which could help lead to that exciting phone call to say you’ve got the job!


Research the School

As with job interviews in any sector or career, it’s beneficial to show you have done your research on the place you are applying to. In this case, researching the school is the best first step to take once you have your interview date in the diary.

Take a look at the school’s website – what are their values as a school? What was their latest Ofsted report like? Are there any documents or key information to look at?

If you can prove to your interviewer that you have a good understanding of the school, more than what is noted in the teaching job advert, you will show signs that you are interested in the school itself as well as teaching as a role.


Prepare for Common Interview Questions

Your interviewer will certainly ask you about your teaching experience and past places of work, but they may also ask more common interview questions that you might forget to prepare for.

These questions can often catch you off-guard, particularly if you have focused a lot of your teaching interview prep on getting to know more about the school.

Questions such as ‘what achievement are you most proud of?’ or ‘what are your areas for development?’ can be easily prepared for, so have a few answers planned out in your head should you be asked any.


What are Your ‘Unique Selling Points’?

What do you have that other candidates don’t have? Think about what makes you unique and think of ways to reflect this to your interviewer.

Perhaps the school’s Ofsted report states that the school you’re interviewing for needs to see an improvement on pupils’ times-tables abilities and in your current teaching role, you have developed a weekly times-table competition which has helped engage the students and seen an overall improvement since you joined that school.

Any ‘selling points’ that you think will allow you to stand out from other candidates should be backed up with examples of times that you have displayed your skills and developed this experience.


Prepare for Taught Parts of Your Interview

If your teaching interview requires a taught section, you want to make sure that you are as prepared as you can possibly be.

It is a good idea to contact the school prior to your interview date to find out a bit more about the class you will be teaching for this part of the interview. Are there any behavioural problems? What abilities are the students working at? What have they previously responded well to method-wise?

This will reflect positively on your teaching interview, as you are showing you are proactive and dedicated to putting a lot of thought into your lesson planning.


Have Confidence!

If you have secured an interview, the school must have seen something in your application that they like! Use this as the boost of confidence you need to walk into that interview and truly sell yourself as the amazing teacher you are.

If you’re still on the hunt for your next teaching vacancy in London, enlist the help of World Class Teachers today to help you score that all-important interview.

Call 01932 247000 or use our online contact form to leave a message for our team of teaching recruiters today. We take your needs and requirements into consideration when it comes to sourcing a role to suit your unique specifications.

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