WCT Office Warming Drinks!

We’ve officially settled into our new office and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than having our lovely Teachers and Teaching Assistants over for a drink and a bite to eat.  A big thank you to all who joined us for our Office Warming yesterday afternoon – including some lovely London Spring Sunshine.


Pictured (LtoR) Sophie Gibson, Erin Blain, Chay Deary, Steve Aslin and Jessica Finnis.

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Deciding where in London to teach

London can be an exciting place to work as a teacher; it’s such a dynamic city and there are so many opportunities for those with the right qualifications. This is a huge urban area and each of the 32 London boroughs have their own character.

One of the most common questions teachers have when they consider a career in London is where exactly they should teach. Here are some of the things you might want to consider when making this decision:

Areas of London

There are a number of different ways to divide London into areas, and it can often be confusing as the government have changed their official system several times.

Map of London

Flickr Creative Commons / Charis Tsevis

The simplest approach to divide greater London into two parts using the River Thames as the dividing line – so this would mean that everything north of the river would be classified as North London, and everything south is South London.

It is more common to divide the city into at least four areas – north, south, east and west. Let’s talk through each area so you can decide what might be right for you.

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