World Class Teachers Christmas Party

A London Christmas Story

It’s that time of the year again, the annual WCT Christmas Party! Last week, we took our supply teachers on a night out on the town. After the success of our last event with Vault London, run by our very own Dan Atkins, why not have another party on a private bus in London?

From expertly learning how to pour Champagne and dancing on a moving bus, our teachers and WCT staff had a fantastic time. Take a look at some of our photos that prove being a World Class Teacher is a lot of fun!

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All Teachers deserve a night out

Our networks of teachers don’t just teach! Many have their own projects, whether volunteering their valuable expertise with charities such as Kids Company, or starting their own businesses – and that’s just what Dan Atkins, one of our longest serving Teachers and former World Class representative, has done.


Dan has been part of the WCT family for over nine years, but recently he launched his own business and teamed up with a group of young  entrepreneurs to create London’s first Mobile Members Club on Wheels – Vault London! Here is what Dan has to say…

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