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The UK’s most followed teacher on Twitter talks to World Class Teachers 

I had the pleasure of talking with Ross McGill from the infamous @TeacherToolkit about all things Supply Teaching. With a following of 102, 081 (at last check) Ross McGill is fast becoming a leading authority on teaching. However, despite the vast reach of his ‘followers’ it was clear that Ross has remained true to his roots. As a deputy headteacher with one of the most prolific teaching blogs online, Ross remains a committed and passionate educator who uses his profile to share what he’s learnt and impart knowledge to those looking to add to their voice to the world of education.

Sitting in the park with his son, Ross was happy to share his insights into supply teaching so long as I was happy to work within a ‘four year olds schedule’. Agreed.

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Looking for more education and teaching blogs?

At World Class Teachers, we do all we can to help our supply teachers not just get the job they’re best suited for, but to keep improving themselves and education.

Aside from providing our own teaching resources, we have put together a list of world class teaching and education bloggers.

 Our list of top teaching blogs:

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Education in England

The British school system, governed primarily by the Department for Education and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, made some changes to the curriculum that took effect in September.

These changes are geared towards making modern foreign languages compulsory and providing continuous learning experiences throughout the students’ years in school.

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Britain’s National Curriculum is generally split into four Key Stages, with primary school comprising Key Stages 1 and 2. The two stages help young students develop basic but important skills through a wide range of subjects.

Teaching in the primary school sector can be an incredibly rewarding experience, requiring you to help shape and open the minds of young pupils in their early stages of formal education.

As an aspiring Key Stage 1 and 2 teacher, it is important that you have a good understanding of the UK’s primary school system structure and whether you are suited to the general approach for this teaching age. Read more