Top Ten Teaching Blogs to Follow

Whether you’re a NQT or seasoned teacher,  we’ve compiled some of the most inspirational and influential must-follow education blogs. Offering insight and experience, you’re sure to learn a thing or two from these teaching professionals.

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The UK’s most followed teacher on Twitter talks to World Class Teachers 

I had the pleasure of talking with Ross McGill from the infamous @TeacherToolkit about all things Supply Teaching. With a following of 102, 081 (at last check) Ross McGill is fast becoming a leading authority on teaching. However, despite the vast reach of his ‘followers’ it was clear that Ross has remained true to his roots. As a deputy headteacher with one of the most prolific teaching blogs online, Ross remains a committed and passionate educator who uses his profile to share what he’s learnt and impart knowledge to those looking to add to their voice to the world of education.

Sitting in the park with his son, Ross was happy to share his insights into supply teaching so long as I was happy to work within a ‘four year olds schedule’. Agreed.

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What Types of Mental Skills does it take to Teach?

Teaching is a vocation; a privilege and a responsibility.  The ability to impart knowledge while inspiring curiosity is one to be revered.

So what are the mental skills required to teach? What attributes do successful teachers have that make them so invaluable? We’ve come up with a list of our most desired and admired teacher traits …   Read more

Teaching Phonics – Chapter 2

Learning to read can be a daunting task for little learners. While it is true that their tiny brains act as a sponge to absorb an exorbitant about of information daily, it can be easy to forget that some things we take for granted still need to be taught  – with as much patience and understanding  – as the more obviously tricky skills to assimilate.

Take a look at our latest instalment of teaching phonics to young pupils.

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Teaching Foreign Language Tips

Whether you are a MFL teacher in a London school or a tutor helping students with their language studies, you have seen first-hand how some pupils get discouraged from learning a new language.

World Class Teachers offer tips for teaching a foreign language to pupils who see MFL studies as a challenge.

Remember, learning a language isn’t easy for everyone.

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