Primary Schools & Modern Foreign Languages: The New Curriculum

Education in England

The British school system, governed primarily by the Department for Education and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, made some changes to the curriculum that took effect in September.

These changes are geared towards making modern foreign languages compulsory and providing continuous learning experiences throughout the students’ years in school.

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Keeping your students focussed on lessons

It’s a well-known fact that attention spans of children are very short. Opinions vary as to the exact length, but it is generally agreed that a 5 year old can concentrate for only 10-15 minutes at best, whilst a child of 11 is likely to manage a maximum of 25 minutes.

Nowadays, children are used to a fast-changing and stimulating environment – try viewing some children’s TV programmes and you will get a sense of what they have become familiar with.

As teachers, it can often seem difficult to plan learning activities that will keep primary pupils engaged and interested, but these 5 tips can help!

1. Make the activity appropriate and well-matched

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