te@cher Toolkit talks to WCT about #SupplyTeaching

The UK’s most followed teacher on Twitter talks to World Class Teachers 

I had the pleasure of talking with Ross McGill from the infamous @TeacherToolkit about all things Supply Teaching. With a following of 102, 081 (at last check) Ross McGill is fast becoming a leading authority on teaching. However, despite the vast reach of his ‘followers’ it was clear that Ross has remained true to his roots. As a deputy headteacher with one of the most prolific teaching blogs online, Ross remains a committed and passionate educator who uses his profile to share what he’s learnt and impart knowledge to those looking to add to their voice to the world of education.

Sitting in the park with his son, Ross was happy to share his insights into supply teaching so long as I was happy to work within a ‘four year olds schedule’. Agreed.

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Congratulations! You’ve sent out your teaching CV, aced the interviews and now have your next supply teaching placement – but what to wear? Men, you have this conundrum as well.

First, double-check with your supply teaching agency or school to see if they have a particular teacher dress code or preferences for staff. If there are no guidelines, always err on the side of caution with a smart, professional look.

Need more guidance? See our guides below for men and women.

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Our Guide to a Teaching Interview

Preparing for any kind of job interview is daunting, especially if it’s a job you are passionate about and a role that you have been chasing for months – or even years.

Interviews for teaching jobs can be particularly challenging, and ensuring you are properly prepared for them is crucial.

If you are confident before going in to the interview you will undoubtedly come across better and be less likely to crack under the pressure; however, understandably, this is often easier said than done.

teaching interview guide

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Ways to get that First Teaching Job

A summary of key strategies to help to secure a first post in teaching

It’s nearly over: you’re within touching distance of completing your teacher training and you’re keen to snap up that critical first teaching post that will cement your role as an educational professional with a class of your own.

But when the number of applicants vying for the same teaching roles runs into double or even treble figures, receiving that coveted job offer may seem an unassailable mountain to climb. Rest assured, however, for a proactive approach to your job hunting could see you with the offer letter in your hand sooner than you think.

1. Visit the school

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