To Live is to Learn | Quotes to Inspire

Live & Learn: Quotes to Encourage

Learning can be hard work; no matter what stage of life you’re in. Learning is about growth and development, about making connections and overcoming obstacles. To some degree we’re hardwired to want immediate achievement and we regard failure as just that – failure. However ‘failure’ is undeniably a crucial and often unavoidable component to obtaining greater clarity and understanding. We’ve selected a number of quotes to inspire you to throw caution to the wind, to embrace creative learning though life and to appreciate failure for what it is: a stepping stone to success.



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A Week’s Worth of Teaching Quotes

None one loves quotes about education more than our supply teachers! Based on the success of our last post on teaching quotes, World Class Teachers bring you a new round of motivational quotations to help you through any day of the week.

From educational Mondays to inspirational Fridays, take a look at round two of our teaching quotes for every day of the school week.


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World Class Teachers are now on Pinterest!

We’ve recently opened a Pinterest account and seen lots of inspirational teachers out there. Pinterest is a great (and free!) way for you to collect and save your favourite images from around the web.

There are so many great teaching and education accounts on Pinterest, and we want to provide our teachers with some resources of our own.

One of the most popular that has stood out to us are the many quotations about teaching, education, and lifelong learning.

With this in mind, here are 3 of our favourite sayings and quotations about education. We decided to make some images for our favourite teaching quotes! We hope they inspire you as and spur you on in your teaching career!

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