Shane is Running for Guide Dogs UK

World Class Support: Shane Saunders is running the London Marathon

Why is Shane fundraising for Guide Dogs UK?

Up to two million people living in the UK are affected by full or partial blindness. That’s approximately one in every 30 people – a scary statistic that  Guide Dogs UK are committed to combating. Guide Dogs UK provide an invaluable service devoted to providing people living with a vision impairment to have the same freedom as rest of us.

Fundraising for Guide Dogs UK

Here at World Class Teachers we are inspired by the efforts of  Shane Saunders who will be running the London Marathon – that’s 26 miles in an effort to support the work of Guide Dogs UK!

What can you do to help Shane fundraise?

He is asking members of the public to be the wind behind his back and give him a push he needs to help get him across the line.

Shane is thrilled to be undertaking this challenge and believes that ‘your donation will make a huge difference to the life of many people and also to the dogs who will receive training to help these people’.

Any contribution you make will go directly towards the breeding and training of Guide Dogs, a service which is completely reliant on the public to fund.

To support Shane and this very worthy cause please visit his fundraising page and donate.

About Shane Saunders

When he is not in training for the London Marathon, Shane can be found coaching the Putney Magpies – an Aussie Rules Football Team of which we are the proud sponsors.

The Magpies are always running fun socials, and with their first game coming up it’s a great time to get involved!




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