How to Be an Effective Teaching Assistant

Whether you’re completing a teaching assistant placement for work experience, or you’ve moved to the role from another industry for a career change, there is no secret that a teaching assistant is an incredibly valued position within the classroom.

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If you’re about to embark on your new teaching assistant position, here are a few top tips from our experts to help ensure you are making the best impression and doing your job effectively.


Communicate Well with the Teacher

Communication is key to any teaching position. Maintaining good communication with the teacher is the best way to receive feedback from your work and to find out what exactly is expected from you. All teachers will work slightly differently, so it is good to establish your roles and responsibilities early on to make sure you are doing the right thing.


Learn Your Pupils’ Names

A great way to personally engage with students can be as simple as learning their names! This can be a tricky task, particularly if you are working within a few classes over a short period of time, but as their teaching assistant, taking time to learn their names and communicating with them personally can be really beneficial.


Be Patient

It goes without saying that sometimes teachers and teaching assistants can find themselves in trying situations. If you’re having to deal with some poor behaviour, whilst the teacher deals with the main situation, maintaining a calm atmosphere in the rest of the class will be greatly appreciated by the teacher.

Likewise, if your pupils are struggling to get the hang of something you are trying to help them with, don’t give up! Try and repurpose the information and adapt your methods to see if they understand it a different way – they will get there in the end!


Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Prior to starting in any new class, as their new teaching assistant, you should try and get to know as much information about the class as possible. Speak with their teacher prior to working with them to find out anything you need to know about the class, such as any behavioural issues, their academic level and their preferred learning methods.

The more you know about the class, the more effective your support as a teaching assistant will be.


Be Passionate!

Your enthusiasm will rub off on the students! They are intuitive and if they can sense that you are finding a certain task boring, then it is likely that they will find it boring too.

Be sure to make your support engaging and interesting to offer the best and effective outcomes.

Your passion will be remembered should you apply for any future teaching positions within the school too!


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