Chay Deary: World Class Teacher of the Month

Our World Class Teacher of the Month: Chay Deary

Chay made the move from Australia and has been working with World Class Teachers as a Teaching Assistant since September 2014.

Through out that time we have found him to be a valuable member of our team and we’re stoked to announce him as our first Teacher of the Month! We asked Chay a few questions to get to know him a little better…

Chay Dear - World Class Teacher of the MonthWhere are you based in London?

I currently live in Shepherds Bush.

Which school are you currently working at?

The school I am currently based at is Brentside Primary, a friendly school which is located in Hanwell!

What’s one of the most memorable days you’ve had working there?

Recently we had Red Nose Day and our whole class dressed up in funky costumes. We had some fun activities organised with the kids and took a couple of funny pictures. It was an all round good day and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Which word best describes your teaching style?

The one word I would use to describe my teaching style – relaxed!

What is the best advice you have been given by a student?

A 7 year old boy tried to give me advice on how to dance, needless to say he wasn’t impressed with my moves and blatantly shut me by telling me how much I ‘sucked’ (it made me laugh).

What is the best thing about being an Australian living in London?

Being so close to the rest of the world! Being able to work in London creates such a great opportunity to explore Europe.

Another awesome thing about being an Aussie in London, I guess, is that there are a lot of travel partners out there – because all Aussies are basically here for the same reason. It’s also great to be here working a job I enjoy!

When you’re not in the classroom where would we find you?

At the moment outside of school my time is fairly dedicated to the Putney Magpies which is an Aussie Rules club that I am involved in.

It is pretty busy as our season starts in about 5 weeks time. Other than that I would be out and about in London experiencing what the city has to offer.

Putney Magpies Aussie Rules Football in London

Want to get involved with the Putney Magpies? Come by their social event Saturday, 11 April, starting at the Fox & Hound on the corner of Putney High Street and Upper Richmond road at 1 pm.

Grab your fellow teachers, house mates and friends to join the Magpies later on as they make their way along the High Street!

Know someone who is a world class teacher? Nominate them for our Teacher of the Month via Twitter!

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