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Short Term, Long Term, and Permanent Teaching Jobs in London

As one of London’s leading supply teaching agencies, World Class Teachers is the preferred organisation for those seeking supply teaching jobs in London. Focusing on the UK's curriculum, we specialise in placing qualified education professionals in supply teacher positions, teaching assistant opportunities, short-term and long-term teaching jobs, and permanent positions. We have ample supply teacher vacancies, but also offer permanent teaching roles to qualified candidates.

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We are actively recruiting for a long term teaching assistant for a wonderful primary school in Hanwell.
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We offer a huge array of roles and have proven success in assigning hundreds of qualified educators to supply teaching positions. As a teaching agency, we have years of experience in teaching and work in close partnership with multiple reputable schools throughout London, which means we’re well equipped to match the right qualified teacher with the right school.

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What Sets World Class Teachers Apart?

In particular, we help teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America and the UK to advance their supply teaching careers in London. But, with World Class Teachers, you’ll find more than just a teaching agency service; we place high importance on camaraderie so we offer plenty of events throughout the year to help you to meet fellow travelling supply teachers around the Capital.

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If you are a PGCE (or equivalent) qualified teacher, join World Class Teachers today to find supply and permanent teaching jobs across Central and Greater London.

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No matter whether you’re a supply teacher, teaching assistant, or seeking a full-time teaching role in London, you could soon find yourself in one of a range of educational institutions including Nurseries, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Special Needs Schools.


Teacher and Teaching Assistant jobs at Primary and Secondary Schools across London.

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