Theatre Workshops

Are you a Drama Teacher or head of a school looking for a fun, dynamic way to bring theatre to your students’ lives?

World Class Teachers can help with one or more of our flexible theatre workshops specially designed for schools.

Benefits of Theatre Workshops

Aside from being an engaging and interactive course by nature, theatre and the skills and knowledge derived from it can help students beyond just the confines of their classroom.

Theatre skills can be used in many areas to promote success within the school environment in all subjects. As well as benefiting drama and theatre studies, they can be excellent tools to promote positive communication, improved self-esteem and greater confidence.

Our Theatre Workshops for 20 – 60 Students

Our theatre workshops are lively and interactive, led by innovative and energetic performers and directors who are dedicated to exploring and sharing the theatre of play.

These student workshops can be used to work with students of all abilities from allowing students a chance to further develop their drama based thinking to working for children highlighted as needing ‘educational inclusion’.

Types of Theatre Workshops We Offer

We can offer workshops to compliment the Drama curriculum that encourages imaginative, co-operative work and creative thought, with particular reference to:

  • Physical theatre
  • Devising
  • Mask work
  • Clowning
  • Chorus and ensemble work
  • Circus Skills
  • Improvisation
  • Street theatre
  • Theatre of Play
  • Forum Theatre
  • Practitioners

The workshops can be offered as either 1 hour packages run with different groups throughout the day, or as half or full day or even week long workshops. At the end of the weeklong workshops, the students will have created or produced something that could be shared with an audience.

All of these workshops are flexible and can be adapted to suit each schools specific requirement. If you would like to book a theatre workshop for students or have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us!