The Role of Technology in Education In 2016

Technology in Education

Technology has changed everyone’s lives, from the way we communicate with our friends to how we shop, work and research important decisions. But has technology truly made it into our classrooms and if so how will this effect education in 2016? Let’s explore the role of technology in education and how it is impacting students and teachers alike. Education technology, or EdTech, is an important part of most teachers roles now and this is only set to become more prevalent in 2016, where it will affect everyone from the students to teachers and those with classroom assistant jobs.

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Social Media Privacy Precautions for Teachers

Social Media Tips for Teachers: Privacy for all Platforms

We live in an age of Social Media. We share, tweet, and ‘like’ everything online, and, particularly if you are a teacher, this can sometimes get you in to trouble!

As a teacher, you have a responsibility – not only pastorally, but for your own teaching career development – to keep some things private and behave in an appropriate way online.

We’re not saying that Social Media isn’t a fun, and fabulous resource – we love it at World Class Teachers! – but something that you should set boundaries with. Here are a few social media privacy pointers for some of the main platforms:

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Stopping and Discussing Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying, unfortunately, is all around.

We all know cyberbullying is a terrible crime that affects not only celebrities and adults but UK children every day, especially when most children around the world have an online presence through multiple social media accounts.

On Monday, BBC News discussed cyberbullying and what schools can do to teach students about online abuse and its effects.

stopping cyberbullying

Effectively stopping cyberbullying in its many forms does not depend on one group; parents, other relatives, police, lawmakers, teachers, and other influencers that are role models for students, as well as other students, should actively try to help.

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The Future of Education: The Digital Takeover

Digital Takeover in the Classroom

The landscape of the classroom changes very quickly in the modern age, fuelled by innovation and technology. Significant leaps have been made from the abacus to the calculator, the notepad to the iPad – making teaching one of the most rewarding and exciting modern careers to embark upon. Electronic learning is becoming one of the frontrunners in governing the way our children learn, streamlining education and pushing students to new heights. But what exactly is the future of education?

Cloud Learning

The advent of cloud technology has been an innovation across all sectors. Storing information and files on a virtual hard drive, facilitated by the internet, rather than on a physical drive allows for on-the-go access. Leaving your essay at home or forgetting to e-mail yourself coursework has become a thing of the past at higher level learning, but the cloud is beginning to make its way into classrooms of all age groups.

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How Interactive Technology Can Aid Learning in the Classroom

The last decade has witnessed an explosion in the availability and use of interactive technology in the classroom with a growing focus on embedding IT in teaching and learning.

Only ten years ago interactive whiteboards, now commonplace in classrooms across the country, were in their infancy while iPads and e-book readers were unheard of.

In the ten years up to 2008, £2 billion was invested in improving school IT facilities, although Oftsed rightly cited the need for teachers to improve their own skills in order to keep up with the rapid change in available technologies.

Interactive Whiteboards

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