Exciting EdTech to Shape Teaching in 2021 – The Future of Technology in Education

What is EdTech? EdTech in the UK, is the implementation of new technologies in classrooms to assist with learning, creativity and to remove some of the barriers teachers face day-to-day. As technology is constantly changing, it’s worth getting to know some of the benefits that new technologies might have to you and your teaching, as […]

Video Interview Tips When Searching For Teaching Roles

With video interviews becoming more and more standard as a result of COVID, if you haven’t sought a new role since before the pandemic, you might not be as confident with this format. If you’ve secured your first teaching interview that has been scheduled via Zoom, Skype, Teams or any other video calling platform, at […]

How to Write an Effective Teaching Assistant CV

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you are changing from a completely different sector, applying for a teaching assistant role might be the first step you’re taking to get into teaching. You don’t necessarily need any past experience to become a teaching assistant, but what you do need is a well-written CV. […]