When it comes to education, everyone learns exactly the same way, right? Not quite. While the terms “auditory” and “visual” learners have become somewhat more common, there are many other types of learners. While most people cross the lines of learning styles and can benefit from many types of learning, most people have a dominant […]

Tara Takes Teaching to New Heights

Teachers do more than just teach! We are so happy and proud of one of our very own ‘World Class Teachers’, Tara Kaur. She recently scaled Mount Kilimanjaro for children’s charity ‘Wish Upon a Star’. We received the following email from Tara earlier this week, and wanted to share with you her achievements. Here’s what […]

World Class Sport: Mixed Touch Rugby in London

Love sport, friendly competition, and good old team repartee? Then World Class Teachers needs you! Throughout spring and summer, we support our very own mixed touch rugby team in the London In2Touch and O2 touch competitions. Games are usually held at King George Park in Wandsworth or on Clapham Common on a Tuesday, Wednesday or […]

Congratulations Team Keane!

Last Friday we sponsored Team Keane as they set off down the Thames to raise money for the Junior Rowing Project, an initiative which aims to give children from all backgrounds and of all abilities the chance to try their hand at rowing. After the race we received word from one of the Ladies Eight […]

The Junior Rowing Project and Team Keane Ladies Eight

World Class Teachers are proud to sponsor Team Keane in a fundraising event for their Junior Rowing Project this Friday 28th March. If you’re not busy tomorrow, head to the banks of the Thames to cheer on the Ladies Eight as they propel themselves down the 8 mile course – all the way from Chiswick […]