‘Tis the Season for Christmas Markets in London

Discover our top picks for this winter’s festivities

Whether you are an avid enthusiast of roaring firings, mulled wine and mince pies or are just looking for something free to do in London from now until the New Year, the capital is aglow with twinkling lights from Christmas markets and festivals this time of year.

Take a look at some of best and brightest London Christmas Markets to visit from now until after Christmas:

Southbank Christmas Market

now – 4 January
South Bank Christmas Market

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Stopping and Discussing Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying, unfortunately, is all around

We all know cyberbullying is a terrible crime that affects not only celebrities and adults but UK children every day, especially when most children around the world have an online presence through multiple social media accounts. On Monday, BBC News discussed cyberbullying and what schools can do to teach students about online abuse and its effects.

Effectively stopping cyberbullying in its many forms does not depend on one group; parents, other relatives, police, lawmakers, teachers, and other influencers that are role models for students, as well as other students, should actively try to help.

As one of the adult authority figures in your pupils’ lives, actively discouraging hurtful language and behaviour in and outside of class is just as important as their education. Here are some of our tips to discuss cyberbullying with Secondary School students:

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Flat Hunting in London: A Teacher’s Guide

Congratulations! You’ve applied to be a supply teacher in London, procured the appropriate visa and have those flights booked, but now comes the hard part: hunting for a flat in London.

As the capital is the largest city in the UK, London has so many flat and house shares on offer that the flat hunt process can be daunting. World Class Teachers offer this handy guide for those looking for a London flat, especially made for those who come from overseas.

Where to Live in London

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Tara Takes Teaching to New Heights

Teachers do more than just teach!

We are so happy and proud of one of our very own ‘World Class Teachers’, Tara Kaur. She recently scaled Mount Kilimanjaro for children’s charity ‘Wish Upon a Star’. We received the following email from Tara earlier this week, and wanted to share with you her achievements. Here’s what she wrote:

The group on Mount Kilimanjaro

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Why You Should Teach in London

Teaching in London

If you are looking for teaching experience and a fresh challenge, teaching in London is an excellent experience – but don’t just take our word for it. A large number of UK schools and colleges accept freshly qualified teachers – with completed probationary periods –  from around the world, and this is a great way to make new contacts that you can use to develop your teaching career.

Big Ben London

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Discover a New Culture

Travelling is a great way to gain life experience and learn more about yourself as well as the world in general. Most teachers find that they have plenty of time to explore the vibrant city of London in their time off. London provides great access to the rest of England, which means that people who love to travel and discover new places will have plenty of opportunities to get to know the country and beyond. Read more