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Exciting news After nearly 20 years of working with some of the leading educators and schools across London and the UK, the directors of World

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Five Reasons why London is the best place to be a teacher

London is frequently described as the City of opportunity. With so many different attractions to see and so many different cultures to interact with, why would you want to start your teaching career anywhere else! To help persuade you, here are five reasons why London is such a great place to teach.

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World Class Holiday Jobs

Can you believe it’s already that time of year? Sleigh bells are ringing and supply calls are slowing but not too worry! We’ve got some

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How Do We Learn to Write?

Picture a classroom of students sitting at their desks. They’re poised over their work books, rummaging through their pencil cases and getting ready to complete

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Top Ten Teaching Blogs to Follow

Whether you’re a NQT or seasoned teacher,  we’ve compiled some of the most inspirational and influential must-follow education blogs. Offering insight and experience, you’re sure to learn

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