Supply Teacher Dress Code

Congratulations! You’ve sent out your teaching CV, aced the interviews and now have your next supply teaching placement – but what to wear? Men, you have this conundrum as well.

First, double-check with your supply teaching agency or school to see if they have a particular teacher dress code or preferences for staff. If there are no guidelines, always err on the side of caution with a smart, professional look.

Need more guidance? See our guides below for men and women.

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Ways to Help Students Manage Stress

Healthy Ways to Relieve Stress

While teachers are responsible for the learning and educational future of our students, we are also part responsible for their wellbeing. Whether we spend an hour or a full day with our students day in and day out, teachers are the usually the first to be able to notice stress in students.

It is important to recognise the signs of stress in students – and how to help them manage it during school time. Take a look at some of the ways to help students manage stress in the classroom in a productive way.

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5 Not to Miss Day Trips from London

Top 5 London day trips

As the February Half Term approaches, now is the time to embrace the week off and explore the areas around London.

If you are a teacher from overseas, like many of our fellow supply teachers from Australia and New Zealand, our handy guide to sightseeing outside of London should help you make plans for the half term holiday!

From sunny Brighton by the sea to classic Cambridge, take a look at the top day trips from London.

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Handling Incorrect Answers in a Positive Way

How to Encourage Correct Answers in a Positive Way

It is every teacher’s dream to have a class full of students participating freely on a daily basis.

However, there are times when pupils answer questions incorrectly, and the way we handle it can affect their participation for the rest of the term.

Take a look at our tips for handling incorrect answers in a positive way, while keeping class participation up!
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Top London School Trips from A to Z

London school trip ideas from Ancient History to Zoology

School trips in London give teachers a chance to visit some of the Capital’s finest museums as well as impart wisdom, especially if you are a teacher from overseas.

Whether you want to take just your class to interact with history at the Greenwich Maritime Museum or gathering the entire year on an excursion to the Tower of London, check out our top picks for London school trips.

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