Top London School Trips from A to Z

London school trip ideas from Ancient History to Zoology

School trips in London give teachers a chance to visit some of the Capital’s finest museums as well as impart wisdom, especially if you are a teacher from overseas.

Whether you want to take just your class to interact with history at the Greenwich Maritime Museum or gathering the entire year on an excursion to the Tower of London, check out our top picks for London school trips.

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Phonics Tips for Key Stage 2: Years 3-4 Edition

Are you a primary school supply teacher in need of some phonics tips?

Following the changes in the National Curriculum for this year and the success of our last Phonics Tips session, we are holding another seminar today!

Meet us at World Class Teacher HQ from 5:30 to 7pm for a session devoted to teaching phonics and guided reading.

Our aim is to offer teaching resources to our supply teachers so they are confident when they walk into a new placement – after all, that’s what a supply teaching agency is for!

If you cannot attend today’s session or just want a quick refresh before a new teaching job, take a look at some of our handy phonics resources for Year 3 and Year 4 below.

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Social Media Privacy Precautions for Teachers

Social Media Tips for Teachers: Privacy for all Platforms

We live in an age of Social Media. We share, tweet, and ‘like’ everything online, and, particularly if you are a teacher, this can sometimes get you in to trouble!

As a teacher, you have a responsibility – not only pastorally, but for your own teaching career development – to keep some things private and behave in an appropriate way online.

We’re not saying that Social Media isn’t a fun, and fabulous resource – we love it at World Class Teachers! – but something that you should set boundaries with. Here are a few social media privacy pointers for some of the main platforms:

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First Week of Teaching Tips

First Week tips for all Teachers

Some of you may be returning to the same class you had in the previous term, but many are starting a long-term supply teaching job shortly.

The first week of teaching can be nerve-racking at any point in the year, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you have a permanent teaching role or a long-term supply teaching placement, take a look at our teaching tips for the first week of school.

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How to Write a Successful Teaching CV

Simple steps to write your teaching CV

Want to go into the teaching profession as a full-time occupation? Then it is imperative to compile a CV that outlines your experience and clearly highlights your skills. A strong CV and teaching interview preparation are the two main things you need to succeed.

Employers and teaching based courses (PGCE, which is University and placement based; and the TDP; which is predominately placement based) are looking for applicants who really stand out from the crowd. Essentially, potential employers need to see why and how you are going to be a good teacher.

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