The Role of Technology in Education In 2016

Technology in Education

Technology has changed everyone’s lives, from the way we communicate with our friends to how we shop, work and research important decisions. But has technology truly made it into our classrooms and if so how will this effect education in 2016? Let’s explore the role of technology in education and how it is impacting students and teachers alike. Education technology, or EdTech, is an important part of most teachers roles now and this is only set to become more prevalent in 2016, where it will affect everyone from the students to teachers and those with classroom assistant jobs.

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Teacher Wellbeing: Tips to avoid burnout

Teaching is a profession that requires copious amount of energy, stamina and mental agility. Stress in a fast paced, busy job is normal and to some extent expected. However chronic job stress can lead to burnout, characterised by feelings of exhaustion, frustration, tension and/or depression. Taking care of your physical and mental health is crucial to a long, sustainable and fulfilling teaching career.  Here are some tips to help get your year off to a healthy start and keep you feeling confident.

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What I wish I knew before moving to London

Living & Teaching in London

– what you need to know


Time and time again we are sent enquires about teachers moving to London – from questions about National Insurance to advice on where to live. We got together will our international teachers and asked them one question: What was it you wish you knew before moving to London?

We hope their advice will prove invaluable to you. Here goes.


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Audiopi – Changing The Way Students Learn

Audiopi – The revolutionary resource helping teachers & students

Research suggests that teaching can be one of the most stressful yet rewarding careers to be involved in. World Class Teachers have just discovered an excellent new resource for teachers and students alike that promises to makes life that little bit easier. Audiopi  is an innovative concept whereby a series of podcasts covering GCSE and A Level subjects are being created.  These podcasts completely align to the UK curriculum and course requirements. Featuring an array of inspiring educational professionals covering various subjects, this resource is already making waves in the education sector. By using a combination of academics, specialist teachers and exam board examiners contributing to the audio, students can access materials which may not be normally available to them.

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Guest Blogger Tayla Jarvis: My 2 Years in London

Moving to London is overwhelming enough. Making new friends, finding a new job, figuring out the tube system and how to survive on Super Noodles until your next paycheque. Throw in all of the possible adventures right on your doorstep, and it’s easy to see how people might miss out on some of the best experiences when they’re restricted to just a 2-year stay . With my own visa coming to a close, I thought I’d share my top tips & highlights for what not to miss whilst you are calling Europe home.

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