Shane is Running for Guide Dogs UK

World Class Support: Shane Saunders is running the London Marathon

Why is Shane fundraising for Guide Dogs UK?

Up to two million people living in the UK are affected by full or partial blindness. That’s approximately one in every 30 people – a scary statistic that  Guide Dogs UK are committed to combating. Guide Dogs UK provide an invaluable service devoted to providing people living with a vision impairment to have the same freedom as rest of us.

Fundraising for Guide Dogs UK

Here at World Class Teachers we are inspired by the efforts of  Shane Saunders who will be running the London Marathon – that’s 26 miles in an effort to support the work of Guide Dogs UK!

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Managing Classroom Behaviour

Classroom Behaviour Management Tips

Every teacher has been in the same situation: trying to maintain the noise level of a classroom without losing patience. Class discussion is always encouraged – when on topic – but trying to get pupils to return their attention to their work can sometimes be a challenge.

Everyone remembers the (genius) story last year of a Belgian maths teacher quieting his classroom by writing the names of the characters axed in the third season of Game of Thrones.

Instead of pulling a George R.R. Martin, take a look at the tips World Class Teachers offers secondary school teachers for managing classroom behaviour.

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Chay Deary: World Class Teacher of the Month

Our World Class Teacher of the Month: Chay Deary

Chay made the move from Australia and has been working with World Class Teachers as a Teaching Assistant since September 2014.

Through out that time we have found him to be a valuable member of our team and we’re stoked to announce him as our first Teacher of the Month! We asked Chay a few questions to get to know him a little better… Read more

Our Top Teaching Blogs

Looking for more education and teaching blogs?

At World Class Teachers, we do all we can to help our supply teachers not just get the job they’re best suited for, but to keep improving themselves and education.

Aside from providing our own teaching resources, we have put together a list of world class teaching and education bloggers.

 Our list of top teaching blogs:

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Four Reasons to Volunteer as a Teacher – In Africa

With summer holidays fast approaching you may be wondering what to do with your time. If you’re looking for a rewarding way to combine your passion for teaching and travel this may be just the thing…

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