Teaching World War One

World War One ideas for primary and secondary school teachers.

Today marks the 100th anniversary of a pivotal moment in recent British history – the day of the first German attack of World War One on the British mainland. There will be more key WWI anniversaries over the next 4 years, and teachers of all subjects can incorporate these events into the curriculum.

While there isn’t enough time for extensively teaching World War One on this day or in this month alone, World Class Teachers offers advice to both primary and secondary school teachers to tackle this subject during the centenary.

We have put together some teaching tips and resources, from the incredible exhibits at the Imperial War Museum to utilising BBC and more, to help you through until 2019.

Teaching World War One: Choosing Where to Begin

Modern history conflicts are always complex, but teaching the First World War offers plenty of material to include in studies. From the causes of World War One to the road to World War Two, secondary school history teachers have decades to cover.

Women in WWI

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World Class Teachers Christmas Party

A London Christmas Story

It’s that time of the year again, the annual WCT Christmas Party! Last week, we took our supply teachers on a night out on the town. After the success of our last event with Vault London, run by our very own Dan Atkins, why not have another party on a private bus in London?

From expertly learning how to pour Champagne and dancing on a moving bus, our teachers and WCT staff had a fantastic time. Take a look at some of our photos that prove being a World Class Teacher is a lot of fun!

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Christmas in the Classroom

Tips for bringing Winter festivals and Christmas in the classroom.

London is the most multicultural city in the UK, and our schools are lucky to have such a wide range of religious and cultural holidays to experience outside and inside the classroom.

From utilising Christmas, Hanukah, New Year and other winter celebrations to reinforce skills taught in the classroom to working together as a group, using these festivities can aid in teaching goals.

World Class Teachers offers some creative tips for bringing these other religious and cultural holidays in addition to Christmas into the classroom.

Hanukah and Christmas in the classroom

Sing foreign language carols and other winter songs

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‘Tis the Season for Christmas Markets in London

Discover our top picks for this winter’s festivities.

Whether you are an avid enthusiast of roaring firings, mulled wine and mince pies or are just looking for something free to do in London from now until the New Year, the capital is aglow with twinkling lights from Christmas markets and festivals this time of year.

Take a look at some of best and brightest London Christmas Markets to visit from now until after Christmas:

Southbank Christmas Market

now – 4 January
South Bank Christmas Market

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Stopping and Discussing Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying, unfortunately, is all around.

We all know cyberbullying is a terrible crime that affects not only celebrities and adults but UK children every day, especially when most children around the world have an online presence through multiple social media accounts. On Monday, BBC News discussed cyberbullying and what schools can do to teach students about online abuse and its effects.

Effectively stopping cyberbullying in its many forms does not depend on one group; parents, other relatives, police, lawmakers, teachers, and other influencers that are role models for students, as well as other students, should actively try to help.

As one of the adult authority figures in your pupils’ lives, actively discouraging hurtful language and behaviour in and outside of class is just as important as their education. Here are some of our tips to discuss cyberbullying with Secondary School students:

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