Our Top Teaching Blogs

Looking for more education and teaching blogs?

At World Class Teachers, we do all we can to help our supply teachers not just get the job they’re best suited for, but to keep improving themselves and education.

Aside from providing our own teaching resources, we have put together a list of world class teaching and education bloggers.

 Our list of top teaching blogs:

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Four Reasons to Volunteer as a Teacher – In Africa

With summer holidays fast approaching you may be wondering what to do with your time. If you’re looking for a rewarding way to combine your passion for teaching and travel this may be just the thing…

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Public Speaking Tips for Teachers

Build up your confidence

Public speaking is a big part of being a teacher – we speak to classrooms full of impressionable, tiny humans every day!

From classroom lessons to parent teacher conferences to assemblies, you have to feel confident speaking to a crowd. That is why World Class Teachers offers some public speaking tips for teachers below:

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London in the Spring

Spring is in the air in London. The weather is warmer, the sun (occasionally) shines and the amount of things to do in London increases exponentially!

Whether you’re one of our teachers from overseas or have lived in the capital your entire life, there is always something new to see in this city.

From indulging taste buds to travelling back to the Victorian Age, see our list of fun things to do in London in the spring out of school hours.

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Teaching Quotes for Every Day of the Week

A Week’s Worth of Teaching Quotes

None one loves quotes about education more than our supply teachers! Based on the success of our last post on teaching quotes, World Class Teachers bring you a new round of motivational quotations to help you through any day of the week.

From educational Mondays to inspirational Fridays, take a look at round two of our teaching quotes for every day of the school week.


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